Storm Conditions

Hurricane Sandy, a deadly force of wind and water, leaving destruction in her wake, brought an abundance of water to the East Coast of the United States. Even with early detection and preparation for this natural disaster, we, as a country, were still under-prepared. This grand show of water brings a whole new perspective to […]

Lave Men Ou Ak Savon, Ak Savon!

Department of Community & Behavioral Health College of Public Health, University of Iowa Out of all the incredible experiences I’ve had here in Haiti, I think this was my favorite.  Liz, Alin, John, several of the community health workers (CHWs), and I went to a school in the Raypool district and gave a lesson on […]

North Shore Channel

A collaborative effort in sustainability at NU Finding a solution to a problem rarely involves moving directly from point A to B. Instead, the problem itself changes and new obstacles present themselves along the way, leading to an unprecedented and often greater solution. A group of Northwestern University students working to reduce the amount of […]