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Building Communities of Trust

Ann E. Feldman

Author and Social Justice Mentor

"Writing books and creating media for social change has given profound meaning to my life."

Dr. Feldman is a Visiting Scholar in Gender Studies and Sexuality at Northwestern University.

Ann Feldman’s career has been spent maneuvering in and out of disparate communities, listening to and showcasing their stories through books, radio and TV documentaries. Dr. Feldman is a curious outsider, hungry to know other cultures, needs and wants, values and fears.

The driving force behind her writing and social justice media is to find and showcase lost voices – of the marginalized, underrepresented and silenced.

Ann E. Feldman, author of Building Communities of Trust
Building Communities of Trust: Creative Work for Social Change by Ann E. Feldman

Building Communities of Trust is a roadmap to help future leaders create community projects for social change. The book and case studies connect thirty years of Ann Feldman’s media for social change with social justice actions and questions from future leaders.

SRM University AP

Unpacking the power and paradoxes of “New Media and its Publics in India,” Department of Liberal Arts, SRM University-AP invites scholars to a two-day international conference on April 18-19, 2024.

Ann E. Feldman will deliver the virtual Keynote Address on April 19th 2024. She will discuss the process of building communities of trust and creating social change through media as outlined in her book Building Communities of Trust: Creative Work for Social Change.

Does new media democratise, amplify unheard voices, or fuel algorithmic control? Join the debate.

HEARTEN Uplifting & Inspiring Non-Fiction 1st Place Best in Category CIBA Chanticleer International Book Awards

Building Communities of Trust earned a 1st Place Blue Ribbon in the Hearten Book Awards for Uplifting and Inspiring Non-Fiction, a Division of the 2022 Chanticleer International Book Awards (The #CIBAs).

The Hearten Book Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Uplifting & Inspiring Non-Fiction and Memoir. The Hearten Book Awards is a genre division of Chanticleer International Book Awards and Novel Competitions (CIBAs).

Nautilis Book Awards WinnerBuilding Communities of Trust received a Silver Award from Nautilus Book Awards.

Nautilus Book Awards is a prize for books about social and environmental justice. It started in the United States in 1998. There is prize money. The award is to recognize books that “make a difference and inspire.”

The award is named for the nautilus shell, as a symbol of wisdom and growth.

International Book Awards Award Finalist 2023 InternationalBookAwards.comBuilding Communities of Trust was a Finalist in the category of Social Change for the International Book Awards.

THE 2023 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS (IBA), is one of the world’s largest international book award programs for mainstream, indie, and self-published titles. Over 500 winners and finalists were announced in over 100 categories. Awards were presented for titles published in 2021, 2022, and 2023.


future leaders to create social change

Building Communities of Trust began with award-winning media projects for social change from nonprofit Artistic Circles.

Explore our current projects for future leaders and discover your social justice passion.

is a roadmap to help future leaders create community projects for social change.

This book serves as a guide with lessons and strategies learned from eight award-winning TV and radio documentaries and public programs in the U.S., China, Mexico, and India.

Each chapter includes interactive case studies based on interviews with high school, college and graduate students with questions for future discussions.

Building Communities of Trust examines what works and what doesn’t to build partnerships for water sustainability, peace-making, identity and racial diversity, leadership, and self-care.

Building Communities of Trust: Creative Work for Social Change by Ann E. Feldman
the social change you want to see

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  • Global water sustainability
  • Women’s rights
  • Peace and understanding
  • Gender and Identity
  • Mental Health
  • Leadership and Role Models
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Building Communities of Trust

Building Communities of Trust examines what works and what doesn’t to build partnerships for social change.

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Founded in 1989, artistic circles creates groundbreaking collaborative media programs for that promote social change.

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Our goal is the empower 15-35 year olds to learn about water issues, take local actions, and document them.

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