Do, Not Because it’s a Twitter thing to do.

WOW Bangalore aims to bring all bulk water users together, to help them explore how they can move from being part of the problem to being part of the solution. Industry leaders, government officials, business leaders, apartment custodians, decision-makers in malls and tech parks, researchers in academia, and media persons, are all part of these […]

Politics and Old Lace

A video clip from the “Politics and Old Lace” theater show and radio program about Leaders at Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair. This clip features a speech by race activist Ida B. Wells.

Wendy Carlos

In 1972, Wendy Carlos had gender confirmation surgery before coming out in 1979. Carlos composed VERY successful and famous music including “Switched on Bach”, “Tron”, and “Clockwork Orange.” After those successes, commissions became fewer and fewer after her gender confirmation surgery.

Those Gambler’s Blues

A recording made in 1985 for Musical Heritage Society of Ann Feldman singing blues written by Ruth Crawford Seeger.

Good Robot – Song of Storms Featuring Ryan Blackwell

MBA candidate at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, Ryan Blackwell shared his views for a case study which accompanies the book: “Music is beautiful. It’s a unifier and what’s cool is that it does transcend how you can come from a different culture and still enjoy the music.”

Fear and Stereotypes

Media is a powerful tool to bring together diverse communities and empower them to speak about what they most fear and desire. We created the Ties That Bind video documentary after 9/11 to bring together Muslims, Christians and Jews in difficult conversations.

Beauty Hurts

Identity was a focal issue at the Eternal Feminine concert we produced at the major international concert venue Ravinia Park. This was the first, and unfortunately only, concert to focus solely on music by women composers. We commissioned composer Libby Larsen to write a song cycle for the great mezzo soprano Susanne Mentzer. The result […]

Trauma and Mindfulness

This short video is about compassion, self-care and the possibility of personal change despite terrible trauma.

Looking at Fears

This excerpt from the “Ties That Bind” documentary was the most honest and powerful interaction between the varied women religious leaders and was used by colleges, universities and community groups nationwide to promote honest discussions about the Other.