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Save Yourself

Trauma and Mindfulness

Pause and Shift Directions When Your Life and Work Hit Major Obstacles

When too many obstacles appear in your life and work, decide what you do and don’t need, and walk away from unproductive stressors. Ann Feldman was diagnosed with late-stage cancer while creating a documentary on trauma and mindfulness. That, along with the project’s failure, taught her to stop, exert self-care, change direction, and explore new creative avenues, achieving even greater impact and fulfillment.

The case study showcases difficult career decisions for a successful second-generation Chinese American man in the Bay Area. He wanted to switch careers to become a veterinarian but was worried about giving up his high-status position and salary.

Consider these questions as you explore the chapter...

  1. What issues do you face in your own life regarding the balance of career, personal pursuits, money and family/community expectations?
  2. Whom do you think you can ask for advice: parents, mentors, friends, a financial advisor, experts in business?
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