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Gender & Media

“Noteworthy Women”

Use the Power of Media to Amplify Unheard Voices

We produced innovative programs to showcase composers and artists from different races, nationalities, and gender identities for Noteworthy Women, Public Radio’s first national radio series about women and music.

The case study focuses on a gay college student’s struggles to find a place and voice in TV and film beyond the existing binary structure; and identifying funding and support from companies that don’t exploit workers or discriminate in the workplace.

Consider these questions as you explore the chapter...

  1. How can you work with people you don’t trust or who don’t share your values related to diversity and acceptance? Can you find a common artistic ground? How?
  2. How can TV, podcasts and social media be used as a tool for advocacy for diversity on multiple levels?
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Wendy Carlos

In 1972, Wendy Carlos had gender confirmation surgery before coming out in 1979. Carlos composed VERY successful and famous music including “Switched on Bach”, “Tron”,

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