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Ann Feldman selected as one of Chicago’s Top 24 Green Women

Dr. Ann Feldman, PhD, the founder and director of Artistic Circles and Producer of Water Pressures, has been featured on  Ann was selected as one the top 24 Green Women in the Chicagoland area!


“Wilmette resident Ann Feldman has been using media to create social change for the past 24 years. As an award-winning documentary producer with Artistic Circles and a visiting scholar in gender studies at Northwestern University, she readily admits projects have a way of choosing her.  While visiting Southern India in 2007, she became trapped in a taxicab during a violent blockade.  Thousands of rioters and police clashed in the streets over a court decision being made on the allocation of water.  Haunted by seeing people willing to die over water rights and unable to ignore this “kernel stuck in her tooth,” her focus turned to alleviating water scarcity….” 

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